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Which tyre will you choose for your motorcycle?

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At Traxden Motorcycles you can find the perfect tyre for your scooter, motorcycle, superbike or racebike. We have the experience on the roads and tracks to help you choose the best tyres for your style of riding and for your bike.

What kind of motorcycle did you ride? There so many options available on the market: Classic bikes, racing bikes, scooters, quads, road bikes, sport bikes, touring bikes, mopeds, choppers, enduro or cross street bikes.

You ride on-road or off-road?

We can offer to you the tyre for your purpose. If you are looking for a tyre to road or race, you should visit us.

The tyre is the first and the only contact of the motorcycle with the floor. Can you imagine how important is this?

On the next posts we can talk more about suspensions and, but for today, let’s focus on tyres.

If you need to do your MOT, one of the items that you need to check is the tyres.

A good tyre is connected with the perfect suspension adjustment for your size, weight and type of ride.
The tyre pressure affects traction, comfort, stability, handling and tread wear.
Check the video below for more details about tyre pressure:

Come to visit us and drink a coffee. We are gave you a hand with your tyre pressure.

We are never going to charge you for checking your tyre pressures.

Do you have the right adjustments for your handlebars, seats and footpegs? On this video we can see the professionals explained better about weight distribution and how this can affect the tyres.
Here at Traxden Motorcycles we can help you choose the best accessories available on the market, we can install and adjust the accessories for you on your bike.

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Would you also like to know how the Moto GP teams manage the tyres for the race?
On the video bellow Motul produced a video to explained to us how’s everything work:

Michelin is the official supplier of the tyres for MotoGP. As well as Pirelli, Bridgestone, Continental, Dunlop, Michelin, Avon and Metzeler they have tyres for different types of applications and prices
One of the best-selling tyres here in our garage is the Michelin Pilot Road 5

Call us and check if we have some promo to offer to you at the moment.
Don’t take the risk and leave your bike with reliable professionals.

In this post we definitely need to talk about the Pirelli Diablo Corsa 2
For years in a row it has been recognized as the best tyre in its class. For road and track, if you choose the Pirelli Diablo Corsa 2, we can guarantee that you will not regret it mileage and grip, come in person to talk with us. You are always welcome!

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