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You need a specialist to adjust the suspension of your bike!

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After the tyres, the suspensions is one of the most important things that can pass to the rider the real sensation and response from the road to the rider.

Many bikes give us the possibility to adjust the front and the rear suspension.

Find the best match to your weight and your riding style, is going to let you more confident to ride and is going to connect you with your motorcycle.

How your motorcycle suspension set up can make your ride better? With only £50 we can adjust your suspension.

When you buy a new bike it will come straight from the factory with the suspension already set up. They will have set it to a ‘one fits all’ setting which means it won’t be bespoke to your style of riding. There are ways to get your motorcycle suspension performing better, resulting in an overall better quality of ride, confidence build up and good tyre management. 

Having your motorcycle suspension set up by a qualified and experienced specialist like ourselves will mean that your suspension performs its best. We’ll take into account a number of factors including your weight, ride style and track.

We ride / race and know the exact symptoms and feedback from suspension therefore once you let us know your concern we will investigate it and find a correct solution, you'll be amazed with the results.


One of the many motorbike services that we offer at Traxden Motorcycles is our ride-in ride-out set up. Suited for all road and track bikes we will set all of the damping adjustments and set up and adjust the front and rear sag. If necessary, we’ll also check and adjust tyre pressures and change.

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