If I have an accident, how to proceed?

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If I have an accident, how to proceed?


First of all, stay calm.

Take a deep breath and check if your body is okay, or if you are feeling pain.

In case of any pain, do not make sudden movements and call 999 for an ambulance.

If your body is okay (we hope so) get up quietly and be calm to talk  with the person who caused the accident. Always remember that accidents happen and no one wants to cause or participate in one.


You can call us at any moment to help you. We suggest you take some photos and if you think it is necessary, you can call the Police to ask for a Police report. But it isn't necessary have a Police Report to claim your accident.


If at this point you haven't called us yet, now is the time. Call us now: 020 8617 8288 / 07545 321797

We are here to help you!

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