General Repairs & Inspections

Something gone wrong? A problem you can’t fix or find? Phone us on 020 8617 8288 or, if it’s running, bring your bike in and we’ll see what we can do.

We carry a wide range of services to suit a variety of budgets and tastes. Our most popular products are shown below.

Short Service

The short service consists of a change of oil and filter plus chain adjustment & lubrication as well as a thorough visual inspection of virtually all the items covered in a full service – almost everything we can check without actually dismantling your vehicle.

Prices start from £65

Full Service

Full Service for Motorcycles 
Includes oil and filter change, Spark plug inspection and cleaning or replacement, Air filter inspection/cleaning, Chain lube and adjustment, Controls lube and adjustment, Tire pressure check, Brake inspection, and Battery charge.

Full Service for Scooters/Mopeds
Includes oil and filter cleaning/change, Spark plug inspection and cleaning or replacement, Air filter inspection/cleaning, Chain lube and adjustment / drive belts, Controls lube and adjustment, Tire pressure check, Brake inspection, and Battery charge.

An oil change – specify your grade
New oil filter – OE specification
New air filter – OE specification
New NGK spark plugs
Replace coolant – Rock Oil Coolant

Chassis & Brakes
Brake calipers removed & Brake pistons degreased
Hydraulic Fluid System flushed
All levers & pivots cleaned and lubricated
Throttle & clutch adjustment
General lubrication and inspection
Tyre pressures checked and adjusted
Chain adjustment and lubrication
All lights and electrics checked

Prices start from £110

Major Service

On all major servicing, it is necessary to check and adjust the valve clearances* on your motorcycle.
Sometimes it is necessary to completely remove the carburettors in order to adjust the valve clearances correctly. Should this prove necessary, we remove the float bowl, clean all jets and balance the carburettors to ensure perfect running.
Certain items like fork oil viscosity, steering head bearings and rear arm bearings need to be inspected as well.

This is in addition to everything you can expect from the Full Service.

* Should your valve clearances need adjusting, we replace all sealer washers and gaskets with new components.

Prices start from £230

Other Services

Chain Adjustments

Correct chain adjustment and maintenance is essential for a safe and long-lived road ride, preventing the chain from snapping or even slipping off the rear sprocket.
Regular maintenance can also significantly increase the life expectancy of your chain and sprockets.
From as little as £5.00 and taking only a few minutes, it’s worth popping in now and again to avoid heartache.

Puncture Repairs

Daily checks on your tyres before setting off on a ride can greatly reduce the chances of ‘blow-outs’ whilst riding. Should you come across a nail or any other metallic object embedded in your tyre, it’s probably sensible to ride carefully to your nearest workshop for repairs.
Most modern vehicles run on tubeless tyres, which can usually be ‘plugged’ in a matter of minutes for as little as £15.00 for a loose wheel.

puncture repair on tyre Traxden Motorcycles . 

Wheel balancing

Free with any tyre fitting.

A standard check which we undertake whenever a new tyre is fitted, wheel balancing involves the fitting of small adhesive weights to the rim of your wheels in order to counter-balance the valve load. Occasionally, after hitting a kerb or pot-hole, these weights can be knocked loose, resulting in a speed wobble.

Should you experience a vibration from the wheels when travelling at speed, it’s probably worth bringing your bike to us for a quick once-over.


As a legal requirement, the annual MOT is a series of safety checks on your vehicle. Covering simple things such as the legal tread depth, correctly functioning and aimed lights through to safely operating braking systems and wheel bearings.

This check is also worth doing if you are considering selling your vehicle as it effectively increases the market value by considerably more than the £29.65 that it costs!

Vehicle Inspection

Whether it’s for an insurance valuation following an accident, or you’re taking a bike for a test ride prior to buying it. Drop by and we’ll appraise it for you from tyres, through engine to a road ride, even providing a written report should you request it for a small fee.

Fault Diagnostics

Any problem, any time, just drop in and we’ll take a look. We’ll be able to give you advice on what the problem is and how to fix it. For a simple task we’ll even carry it out while you wait.  

diagnostic laptop traxden motorcycles

Diagnostics with us are free but, If We (Traxden Motorcycles ) find the problem And you decide not to go through and repair it yourself or with someone else we will charge you with and hourly rate starting from £50/hour depending of what work is carried out.

Ducati 749 diagnostic traxden motorcycles

Collection and Delivery Service

Should your motorcycle break down unexpectedly, you want to get the bike to us to carry out works,  or you are unfortunate enough to have an accident and need your vehicle recovered, simply give us a ring with the details. Starts from £35.00

recovery service Traxden Motorcycles

Insurance Repairs and Quotes

As an approved repair agent, we can get you back on the road as painlessly as possible following an accident. We can collect your motorcycle from the scene and undertake all the necessary repairs, or simply provide you with an itemised quote.

Engine Rebuilds

Dropped a valve? Forgotten to fill up with oil? Maybe you ride a highly tuned two-stroke machine or you need performance racing engine parts fitted , Whatever the reason, should you need a rebuild, you’ll find us highly competitive on price.

Alarm Fitting and Certification

Insurance is an expensive game. So is having your bike stolen. By fitting an approved alarm it’s possible to reduce both your premium and the chances of losing your bike. Ask us for a quote.

Datatool alarm - Traxden Motorcycles

We are also Datatool Trakking Dealer and authorised fitters of The greatest tracking devices - see this link for information about the Datatool Trakking . We will ensure that the Unit will be safely fitted on your bike and we can assure that it will take time for a possible attempt of someone taking your pride and joy , giving you more chances of recovering your bike. Some jobs they cannot be done on the side of the road as they tend to be less professional and we are highly recommending fitting to be carried out in authorised workshops 

trakking - Traxden Motorcycles

*All our prices are estimates and vary from bike to bike. For a more accurate quote, please visit our workshop.

Is your motorcycle in need of service or repairs?

We service and repair all types of motorcycles & scooters. Give us a call or visit our garage.

Testimonials from our clients

Having slid my R6, these guys from the off gave sound advice on both parts & assurances that I needed due to damage sustained. Having collected my bike, the performance feels better than my first ride.


Very knowledgable and realisable service which is strongly recommended

Deasha Charles

Excellent service. Great customer service. Alex is very friendly and I can definitely trust that my bike is in safe hands. Keep it up.
You're doing great !
It's very near to Ace Cafe. I would definitely recommend Traxden Motorcycles to anyone !

Alex Calinov

Website Design & Development

Great service ! Alex who run this place is a very passionate about bikes and I am always very satisfied with service . Well done !

Lukasz Jozefczyk

Nice and Professional! I had a massive double puncture in my rear wheel of my Yamaxa XMas. They managed to repair it from the inside of a tyre using special rubber "mushroom". It saved me replacing the whole tyre. Will see how long it lasts, but apparently it is 100% good and I kind of believe it. These guys are experienced and friendly. Something very unique nowadays! Recommend!

Kosma Jurlewicz

Very professional and reasonably priced. Got my 999 running like magic - cheers

Mo Chicharro

Urgently needed a puncture repaired.
'Alex' was very polite and completed all the tasks without rushing. Asked for some advice on another issue, he appeared very knowledgeable & honest.


Excellent service, the mechanics there really know their stuff, no job to small or to big.
that's why this is the only place I let touch my bike .

Cornel Alex

Went there to get a puncture repaired on my rear tyre. Was done very professionally and gave my bike a quick check over too!

Andre Pereira

Had a constant recurring front wheel bearing problem with two sets failing. Took it to these guys who within twenty minutes found the cause of the problem. After 4 hours of none stop work It was back together and running like never before. Very professional, dedicated team and it's clear they love bikes and fixing problems. Had a tyre changed before by them and I would go to them for anything. Fantastic.

A routt

Great customer care! Service was prompt and fast. Pricing was competitive and overall quality of work was excellent. Thank you !!!

Gabriel Gab

Well i've been riding bikes for all my life and seen a lot of mechanichs knowing a lot by talking but never delivered and all tha changed when i enter first time to this guys garage
Absolutley stunning fantastic profesionals and fantastic work done by them
Fast secure profesional comunicative and all you expect from a profesional team

Franko Fodor

Very professional and very good service. Highly recommended

Sergiu Pop

Great service, only went for a tyre change but they helped with a couple of bits that were much needed due to my neglect. Will certainly use again!

Zak Seager

Highly recommended! Attention for the client is key and this is what you'll find at Traxden Motorcycles.

Filippo Barbieri

Always very flexible and helpful. I thoroughly recommend these guys.


Robert Hatch

Been going to Traxden Motorcycles for 4 years now never had a bad service from Alex and he has always given me the best advice and service i've been to other garages to get bits and bobs sorted on my bikes and i would choose Traxden Motorcycles over all of them prices are very reasonable and his service he offers is well up to standards

Denholm Morley

Happy to found TRAXDEN.
formidable person, honest,knows how to make you happy, professional, equipped with a pile of equipment ... and he did some repair included in the first price,all respect for Alex
thank you

Mihai Gabriel Iacob

Top guys, went out of their way even though they were busy to get some fresh tyres on my bike. Quick and knowledgeable, will be coming back again.

Niels Christensen

MOT + Service. Fast professional and no headache. Did a 1h and 30 min trip to the service. Worth every mile. Recommended for all bikers !

Viorel Rusu

Top quality work at a very reasonable price. Nice to find a mechanic I can trust, will use them again from now on..

Grant Rillie

----------------- Latest jobs -----------------------------
- Exhaust pipe repair for my CB1300
Thank you Alex and Team
Traxden went the extra mile to fix my exhaust. I know it was a difficult job especially that the downpipes had to be taken down to access the link pipe all way round for welding - the rusty and fragile downpipe gaskets made the job more challenging. My bike now sounds like before and I haven't had any issues yet. All seems to be holding nicely.
------------------ General Review----------------------
Fantastic, honest and reliable!. Now my story: I've had great experience with Traxden since I first found them in January 2017. I had a brief chat with Alex (the founder I guess) and asked him for a quick fix of my fender bolt. Alex knows bikes inside out. He's technically zealous AND at the same time humble enough to take your preferences into account. The last job he did for me was adjusting my chain which was fine technically, but I wanted it to be tighter. I watched him carefully and although he fitted me into his extremely busy schedule, he still measured the chain accurately and used his torque wrench. The whole job took him 4 minutes with zero compromise on quality and safety control. Traxden have great workshop and are fully equipped to take care of complex mechanical engineering work.


In summery, Alex is great to talk to if you have problem with your bike. He's fair, honest and friendly. And he doesn't forget saying his "have a safe ride...' when you leave him. Thank you all at Traxden! See you soon.

Hooman Nili

Alex has been my trusted mechanic for over 2 years now and I would never take my bikes anywhere else.

My bike was recently booked in for a simple oil service, however on arrival at Traxler Motorcycles Alex pointed out my fork seals were leaking at which point I worriedly pointed out I had a track day booked for the next day. Alex assured me not to worry and sent me on way.

My bike was ready with new fork seals and oil service for track day. Thank you Alex @traxlermotorcycles

Mike Mike

Took my bike for an MOT today. On the way there the horn packed up but the guys there sourced a second hand one and stuck it on for me for just a few quid. Impressed with how reasonable and decent these chaps are. Will deffo use them again. Cheers fellas.

Richard King

Mikolaj Chalupka

Alex Stanescu

Andrei Barbu

Dominik Fertsch


Andy Jones

Chetan Patel

Robbie B.

Rob hendry